Delhi High Court Direct Center To Form Uniform Guidelines For Design Related Public Competitions

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Hon’ble High Court of Delhi, today on 30.01.2013, in W.P. (c) 2449/2012 titled Rakesh Kumar Singh Vs. Union of India (PIL) filed through lawyer Kamal Kumar Pandey, listed before the Division bench of Hon’ble Chief Justice and V.K.Jain J., taking cognizance of and in view of the irregularities andarbitrariness involved in Public Competitions for designing Symbols/Logos or designing Logos by othermethods of important national bodies/institutions, directed all the ministries of the Government of India to formulate/prepare guidelines to ensure transparency, wider participation of public and also that such guidelines should be of uniform nature and in uniformity with each others.

The petitioner in his petition had sought prayers to direct the Government of India to form guidelines for public competitions for designing symbols/Logos of National Importance, highlighting the arbitrariness and irregularities in Designing of Symbols/Logos of ;

1. Indian Rupee
3. I Mark
4. Indian railway for Common Wealth 
5. RTI

Petitioner, was also one participant in public competition held for designing of Rupee Symbol and had filed Writ petition challenging the procedural irregularities.

Though his aforesaid earlier Writ Petition was dismissed because the Rupee Symbol by then had already been notified by Government but he was granted liberty to file PIL, raising the concerns.

In last three years petitioner and others RTI documents exposed mismanagement and violation of guidelines at every step in “Indian Rupee Symbol”  and in other design competitions too.

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