Indian Rupee Symbol : Delhi High Court Issues Notice to Government

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Down below is Delhi High Court latest issued notice to government of India:

W.P.(C) 2449/2012

RAKESH KUMAR SINGH ..... Petitioner

Through: Mr. Kamal Kumar Pandey, Adv.


UNION OF INDIA ..... Respondent

Through: Mr. Tushar Singh, Adv. for

Mr. Jatan Singh, CGSC






1. In this pro bono public petition, the petitioner seeks for the following directions:

(a) Issue writ of mandamus or any other appropriate writ orders(s), direction(s) thereby commanding the respondents to prepare guidelines to be followed in future during all public competitions to be held in relation to issues concerning national and public importance.


Provide with the fair and transparent guidelines to be followed by the Government Agencies in future during all such public competitions to be held in relation to issues concerning national and public importance.

(b) Issue any other writ, order(s), direction(s) as the Hon ble Court may deem it just and proper in the facts and circumstances of the case.

2. On 25th April, 2012, Mr. Jatan Singh, learned standing counsel accepted notice for the Union of India. Thereafter four weeks time was granted for filing the counter affidavit. The above order was communicated to the Under Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs by the learned standing counsel vide letter dated 2nd May, 2012. Inspite of the said letter, counter affidavit was not filed when the matter was again called on 11th July, 2012 on which date this Court granted a further period of four weeks for filing counter affidavit by way of last opportunity.

After the said order, learned standing counsel has again  vide his letter dated 17th August, 2012 addressed to the Under Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs requested the concerned Secretary to submit para-wise comments to be placed before the Court. Inspite of the above letter, no instructions appear to have been given. Learned counsel also submitted that there were subsequent correspondence requesting the instructions/para-wise remarks for filing the counter affidavit.

However, no response is received from the concerned department. When the petition was again taken up on 3rd October, 2012, this Court again gave a final opportunity to the respondent to file counter affidavit within a period of six weeks. Even then, no counter affidavit is filed.

3. It is now submitted that the Under Secretary instructed by the Additional Secretary, Ministry of Culture orally informed that in matters like this, no guidelines are necessary but in this regard the counsel has not received any written instructions.

4. We are of the considered view that appropriate direction should be issued to the concerned secretaries to remain personally present on the next date of hearing. Accordingly, we direct the Under Secretary to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Culture to remain personally present on the next date.

List on 9th January, 2013.

Order dasti under the signatures of the Court Master.



DECEMBER 05, 2012


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