New Rupee Symbol Design Competition and It's Devastating Effect On Homegrown Design Talent

Monday, August 2, 2010

New Rupee Symbol Design Competition and It's Devastating Effect On Homegrown
Design Talent

New Delhi: The Indian media had been buzzing by the news of the “New rupee symbol” for quite some time. The news channels had been running airing the news at prime time and raking in the desired TRP.

Now one particular question that must ruffle through the minds of any responsible Indian citizen.

The question being that has this "New Rupee Symbol Design" competition done anything to motivate the young design talent that is present in India?

And those who know the real story about how whole process for the selection was handled the would definitely have “No” for an answer.

The new rupee symbol competition has exposed the unsightly face of the system that we live in. This had been a disgraceful example of baloney and disorganization on the part of the jury, a certain number of members of which did not even care to be present during the entire process of selection. It would be one shocking piece of information for anyone to learn that all seven jury members had never met during the whole process of selection. This action is a clear disrespect to something that holds national dignity and pride.

Adding to the confusion, the guidelines were issued even without knowing how it will impact the final design. Guidelines were issued only in English, a language that is foreign to most of us even today and it won’t be wrong to consider it as the idiom for the elite’s only.

So at the end of the day it is nothing more than a comical essay of a muddled execution of a noble plan and its hilarious in a way when one learns that the administration was calling it a competition for "Aam Adami/Common Man".

There is no way that the publishing of guidelines in English can be justified when only 23 percent of India knows the language properly.

The discrepancies on the part of the competition organizers does not end here .There is more to this story that would leave you nonplussed about the reluctance of the entire system.

The Finance Ministry had short listed a total of 3331 Rupee sign design entries out of an unknown number of entries they had received. It was a random procedure.

Being professional designers we know better than anybody else, the degree of concentration and the hard work that is required to come up with a unique idea. Here the issue was even more demanding as it was something which would represent the whole nation.

So it goes without much hard mathematics that even if every candidate had spent only 72 design hours on one new rupee sign respectively, the total duration amounts to a mammoth of 9991 days. This ,in short means that approximately 30 design years were spend to come up with 3331 designs for new Indian rupee symbol design.

And the jury had spent only 17 hours which comes to approximately 18 seconds on each entry reluctant to looking at the concept and brief.

The humongous amount of effort that was put in by the designers was reluctantly lampooned by the jury at the end of the day. They had disgraced on the face of Indian design talent by not even looking at the design brief that was sent with each design.

We don't have any issues with the winner in the first place. But the way this dignified and sensitive affair was turned into a subject of folly by the system must be beyond the tolerance of any rational mind. The same system which was responsible for its proper execution had very immaturely made a mess out of the entire competition. The whole process has exposed the truth about how keen our babus are when it comes to design issues.

The New rupee symbol competition had completely denuded the system to its very self without any false glitter about it. What can we conclude about a system the jury members of which had never met during the selection stages of such an important competition.

Adding to the ignominy , confusing guidelines were issued without even caring about how it will impact the final design. This is just how a system should not work. This had been exemplary in a stern and a negative manner for any organization that intends to work for the benefit of a society.

As stated earlier the Guidelines had been issued for the convenience of the urban educated who are conversant with the language, however the administration was calling it a competition for the "Aam Adami/Common Man”.

How could the Indian government expect that after subjecting such a prestigious competition to a mess of this sort, the budding Indian designers will be willing to participate in similar competition organized by the government in future like I-Mark?

So what was the message that the government did convey to the " Aam Adami/Common Man" at the end of the day ?

After looking at all of this the parents and the relatives are pretty likely not to allow their sons or daughters to become a design professional and certainly not in India where talent is nipped in the bud. The system in India has become synonymous to political folly in the end of everything.

This is a country was media considers truth seekers as illogical and calls 3330 contestants as looser, how worse could things get.

Our some media houses had often been more interested in making money than being the medium of news that must reach the masses and make them aware of the rights and the wrongs. This is a country where a particular sportsperson’s wedding or a celebrity affair is a headline.

But when it comes to something as relevant as a mistreated affair pertaining to national glory, things are never on the pages or aired on television. Things had been as amoral as the publishing of False designs that were reported only to get good readership and TRP. with out even investigating if its real .

The social faculties that are supposed to protect the well being of the country have turned themselves into the most dreaded threat for our nation`s progress and that is what the “Indian currency symbol “ contest have proven.

Our country has some serious accumulation of dark clouds in her otherwise blue sky if the same scenario persists.

We happen to cast our vote so that those in power can create a better life for the rest of us but that is hardly the case in the end. We appointed the present government in good faith for we are the "Aam Admi" of this Nation who goes to work everyday and struggles for making a living for his family and it is not possible for us to do what the government is supposed to do in a democratic Republic country as that of India.

But at the end of the day our expectations are crushed and abandoned.

However amidst such darkness we can only thrive on hope, we still believe that the government of India will take appropriate actions against all the wrongs committed and set an example for the coming generation and governments.

It is not that changes had not happened before. The national flag had been subjected to change thrice but it was a proper process controlled by an able system. We hope things become the way they were in the past and not the way they are now.

We can only hope to be that a healthy atmosphere would happen where creativity and imaginative brains of India would be valued as deserved.

Those who want to come back here would be able to trust a sustainable system which could help them grow instead of demoralizing or ignoring them.

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