Indian Rupee Symbol Competition Hit By Injustice

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Indian Rupee Symbol Competition Hit By Injustice

New Delhi : If you are somebody who counts on your senses and consider yourself to be a responsible citizen of the largest democracy of the world, then after reading about the fate of The New Indian Rupee Symbol, you would realize that our society has been reduced to a mere governmental folly and if things don’t change for the better we would only get worse with time.

The selection for the prestigious Indian Rupee symbol has been made almost into the subject of mockery by the system that was responsible for its proper execution.

The RTI has exposed the system has visibly violated the guidelines and procedure that were meant for the selection of the New symbol for the Indian Rupee characterized by utter mismanagement and reluctance.

According to RTI documents a non eligible candidate (submitted four designs) Mr. D Udaya Kumar was short listed as one of the top five finalists and later on declared as the winner.

This is a clear fact as he had submitted four design entries that violate the restriction of the maximum of two design entries that could be sending.

The concept of design or brief was not put in front of the jury along with Indian rupee symbol design. RTI - Q. 7

Why did Finance Ministry put the guidelines in the first place when they would not follow it themselves or probably they were created only to be broken?

This clearly showcases the biased attitude towards rest of the 2644 contestants who had been shortlisted as eligible contestants in the Indian Rupee Symbol Design Competition out of unknown number of received entries.

There were no allotments of marks or gradation to the 2644 candidates design entries in the process of short listing of the final five designs. RTI - Q. 16 D

The most appalling part of the whole thing is that the jury had spent approximately 20 seconds to judge each entry and analyze it.

To make things even worse three of the esteemed jury members were absent in the two days long meeting dated 29th and 30th September, 2009. RTI Q. 3

On the final day of presentation of top five finalists one jury member from the ministry of culture was not present. It is also known that she had been irresponsible skipped two, meetings previously. RTI Q. 4

The RTI discloses that the 7 jury members who were supposed to give a view in unison regarding the matter were never present together throughout the entire procedure.

A mismanagement paradigm can seldom be worse than the finance ministry losing count on the number of designs it received for the contest because there are no records for the same. RTI Q. 5

If all these were not enough then the final blunder that the ministry did was to advertise the advertisement only in English, a language with which many people are not comfortable with. RTI Q. 7

This article is an Endeavour that goes beyond any individual interest or issue and reflects the harassment that our nation might be subjected to in the near future if things don’t improve immediately.

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